Horror Writer Spotlight: Bradley Convissar

Here at Bloody Bookish we believe writers are real life superheros.

And horror writers? Another breed entirely.

Our Horror Writer Superhero Spotlight shines the spotlight squarely on the twisted minds who bring you dark literature in all its dastardly forms.

Today’s spotlight shines on Bradley Convissar. Find out his thoughts on the importance of flossing…and eradicating those darn zombies…

Q: What is the name of your alter ego?
A: El Conquistador (my alter ego since high school)

Q: Who or what is your nemesis?
A: Gingivitis, zombies and authors who don’t know the proper use of who, whom and whose.

Q: What would be a fitting name for your sidekick?
A: Mr. Tranquility.  He keeps me even so I don’t destroy everything in an irrational fit of rage.

Q: If you could (or do) have superpowers, describe them.
A: To stop anyone from ever writing another time travel story ever again.  They just don’t make sense!  Sometimes it hurts to just think about them.  I mean, if you didn’t go back in time in the first place, then you couldn’t possibly have put those events into motion that led you to be what you are in the present.  Time paradoxes suck!

Q: How would you conquer the forces of good/evil (depending on your Superhero’s moral affiliation).
A: By finally getting the world to understand the power and importance of flossing.  And killing those zombies with a shotgun.  And forcing those authors who refuse to learn the difference between there, their and they’re and other homophones to stop writing.

Q: What would be your ultimate downfall? 
A: Someone writing a time travel story about me and I get caught in a quantum irregularity.

More about Bradley Convissar
I am a dentist in my mid-thirties with an undergraduate degree in evolutionary biology.  I’m married with two young children and a diabetic wiener dog named Friday.  When not ripping out teeth or performing root canals or drilling and filling teeth, I am playing my Wii or 3DS, playing with my children, reading comic books, writing or watching TV.  And sometimes all of them at one time.  I am a master at multitasking!

Not much to say about my writing seeing as how I’ve done very little in the writing world to this point.  But I won’t let that stop me because i have so many stories to tell.  I have self-published two short story collections, Pandora’s Children Books 1 and 2, which collect 22 of my short stories and novellas, as well as two stand alone novellas, Dogs of War and King of the Merge.  A third, Fotoshop of the Gods (a tribute to King’s Word Processor of the Gods) is due out soon.  My only real publishing credit is a short story called Naughty or Nice, a twisted Christmas tale, which was published in Suspense Magazine earlier this year.

To keep up with Bradley, visit his website or follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Bradley. It was very interesting to see how others tackled these questions. Much success to you as your writing takes off…



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