Horror Writer Spotlight: Melissa A. Smith

Here at Bloody Bookish we believe writers are real life superheros.

And horror writers? Another breed entirely.

Our Horror Writer Superhero Spotlight shines the spotlight squarely on the twisted minds who bring you dark literature in all its dastardly forms.

Today’s spotlight shines on Melissa A. Smith. Find out how she intends to use the powers of fluffy bunnies to overcome evil…

Q: What is the name of your alter ego?
A: Melissa A. Smith

Q: Who or what is your nemesis?
A: Stupidity

Q: What would be a fitting name for your sidekick?
A: Wow! I get a sidekick? Awesome?

Q: If you could (or do) have superpowers, describe them.
A: Persuasion. The ability to make you do my bidding! [Bwahahahaha]

Q: How would you conquer the forces of good/evil (depending on your Superhero’s moral affiliation).
A: By soaking them in a rainfall of rainbows, fuzzy bunnies, and chocolate!

Q: What would be your ultimate downfall?
A: One sexy hot evil-doer! (sigh)

More about Melissa A. Smith

I write paranormal romance with a sci-fi twist. Guardian Angels, Magic, and Atlantis!

Find out more about Melissa at her website, on Amazon, on Facebook or Twitter.

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