Horror Writer Spotlight: Penelope Crowe

Here at Bloody Bookish we believe writers are real life superheros.

And horror writers? Another breed entirely.

Our Horror Writer Superhero Spotlight shines the spotlight squarely on the twisted minds who bring you dark literature in all its dastardly forms.

Today’s spotlight shines on Penelope Crowe. Find out how she would force Evil to wave the white flag of shame…

Q: What is the name of your alter ego?
A: My dark side is a true love of the night and being allowed to live and experience the rich, dark and creepy midnight of our lives…as long as we don’t hurt anyone.

Q: Who or what is your nemesis?
A: My alterego is Scarlet Nevermore and she fights for truth and the never-ending battle to be yourself.

Q: What would be a fitting name for your sidekick?
A: Perfect side kick would be Robin, but that’s taken.  The Crow–taken too along with Jack Sparrow.  Ummm–then I choose Raven.

Q: If you could (or do) have superpowers, describe them.
A: My superpowers would give the unmotivated, sluggish, depressed or down individual a muse to get rid of their terrible ennui.  I would not be the muse, but my powers would help them find what lights a fire in their souls so they would have a great reason to wake up everyday.  🙂

Q: How would you conquer the forces of good/evil (depending on your Superhero’s moral affiliation).
A: My SPP (Super Passion Power) would be so forceful against the evil powers of the unrelenting Doldrums, and the new motivation would be so strong that evil would have to wave the white flag of shame and give up.

Q: What would be your ultimate downfall?
A: My potential downfall could be the call of vacation.  Or procrastination.  The forces of anti-good come wrapped in pretty packages and the cry of “don’t worry, you can relax just one more day…” This could lead to day after day of laziness, and could break the momentum of good.  But I like to think good will prevail–and though I will probably have to fight the Evil of Ennui forever–I feel good will ultimately prevail!


More about Penelope Crowe
I am a new independent author and my book 100 Unfortunate Days is on Amazon, Nook and Smashwords.  I also have a kid’s ebook that was just released yesterday called The Moon is No Place for a Ghost, and I did the sketches/illustrations also.  Absorbed is my short story also out in digital format.  I have been writing since I was verrry little–amazing stories like The Littlest Grape and The Haunted House…in MY mind they were amazing…

Find out more about Penelope by visiting her website, following her on Twitter or friending her on Facebook


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