Horror Writer Spotlight: Thea Isis Gregory

Here at Bloody Bookish we believe writers are real life superheros.

And horror writers? Another breed entirely.

Our Horror Writer Superhero Spotlight shines the spotlight squarely on the twisted minds who bring you dark literature in all its dastardly forms.

Today’s spotlight shines on Thea Isis Gregory. Find out how her lifelong fascination with the macabre inspired her Zombie Bedtime Stories.

Q: What is the name of your alter ego?
A: My alter ego is the Zombie Empress.

Q: Who or what is your nemesis?
A: My nemesis are not those who survive, but those living who already are zombies, but without the personality and other enhancements that come from being undead. They make us look bad, and I can’t control them.

Q: What would be a fitting name for your sidekick?
A: My sidekick would be the Viceroy of Gore.

Q: If you could (or do) have superpowers, describe them.
A: As the Zombie Empress, I can selectively direct the hunger of the horde. If I don’t like something, my zombies come for it and dispense swift justice.

Q: How would you conquer the forces of good/evil (depending on your Superhero’s moral affiliation).
A: I will consume it slowly, savoring every tender bite. It will be an insidious tide of rotting flesh that overtakes everything, good or evil.

Q: What would be your ultimate downfall?
A: Freezing weather, or lots of fire. I am nothing without my pets.

More about Thea Isis Gregory
I’ve had a lifelong fascination with the macabre, and the dark thoughts and impulses that crawl about in our subconscious minds.

When I started writing Zombie Bedtime Stories back in April, I was being plagued by nightmares every night. They were predominately zombie-themed and chase-based, so when I had the idea for a different kind of zombie story, I jumped on it. The nightmares evaporated within days, and the name Zombie Bedtime Stories stuck. In the past, most of my creative efforts were D&D campaigns and backstories, so moving to writing fiction for its own sake was a logical and necessary step for me.

So far, two Zombie Bedtime Stories have been released. They don’t follow traditional survivor perspectives, but rather those of normal people who are completely unprepared and skeptical of the possibility of a zombie apocalypse.

Looking for more on Thea? Visit her online haunts: her website, Twitter and Facebook.

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