Horror Writer Spotlight: Max Booth III

Here at Bloody Bookish we believe writers are real life superheros.

And horror writers? Another breed entirely.

Our Horror Writer Superhero Spotlight shines the spotlight squarely on the twisted minds who bring you dark literature in all its dastardly forms.

Today’s spotlight shines on Max Booth III, aka Private Clubfoot McAsskicker…

Q: What is the name of your alter ego?
A: Back in ‘Nam, they called me Private Clubfoot McAsskicker, and I was in charge of laundry. I also was in charge of instructing the other men on how to skip properly. I should probably mention I was not alive in the 70s. Nowadays, my alter ego tends to go by Xam—which in no way can be pieced together with my real name, so don’t even bother trying. Okay, maybe it can a little bit. Shut up.

Q: Who or what is your nemesis?
A: I have long been engaged in a dramatic war against Fred Durst and his Army of Douchebags, and so far, absolutely no progress has been made whatsoever. What can I say? I procrastinate.

Q: What would be a fitting name for your sidekick?
A: I rarely fight crime without my trusty fish, Polly Pisces. Although most times crime escapes as we get distracted in arguing whom is the boss of whom (spoiler alert: I am the boss of her).

Q: If you could (or do) have superpowers, describe them.
A: I have been immensely gifted with the power of embarrassing any accompanying folk too foolish to ignore the fanciness of my hats. Because seriously, they are way fancy, and if you do not respect that then I will be forced to turn your cheeks an adorable shade of vermillion. Also, I can make eggs. Hot eggs.

Q: How would you conquer the forces of good/evil (depending on your Superhero’s moral affiliation).
A: Easy: reverse psychology. I’d just be like, “That’s fine, Mr. Fred Durst, I want you to keep making horrible, horrible music. Please, I would love to listen to your latest album. That is just what I need. Thank you so much.” And if that doesn’t work, I guess I could set these forces of evil on fire or something.

Q: What would be your ultimate downfall?

A: Tarps.

More from Max
Along with being a story/copy editor for Dark Moon Digest and a columnist for the e-mag, Dark Eclipse, Max also gets around to writing the occasional short story. Anthologies his work can (or will soon) be found in include: Open Casket’s Zombie Buffet, Dark Moon Presents GHOSTS!, Post Mortem Press’ New Dawn Fades, Dark Moon Presents VAMPIRES!, and Frightmares: A Fistful of Flash Fiction Horror.

Also be sure to keep an eye out for his work in the next two upcoming issues of Dark Moon Digest. Additionally, he can be found peering in through your curtains. That last part was a lie. Kind of.

To keep up with Max, visit him online at his website.

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