Win in our 12 Days of Creepfest Contest

Sugarplum fairies and cuddly woodland critters are good for the kiddies, but you’re an adult now. Time to indulge in your love for the creepy!

Bloody Bookish is taking part in the 12 Days of Creepfest, a virtual smorgasbord of horror and dark fiction authors who think Santa is carrying something a little more sinister than Tinkertoys in his sleigh.

From December 13 to 24, you can hop between over 40 dark author blogs and try your hand at winning some pretty awesome loot!

What about Bloody Bookish?
What’s Bloody Bookish giving away, you ask?

If you are a horror author with a book/eBook to promote, you can win one of our 3-month Bloody Great Ad spots!

All Bloody Great Ads include the following features:

  •     A 180x150px Banner Ad
  •     Shown at the top left in our blog sidebar, your ad will be seen immediately when readers visit our blog
  •     A free writeup in our blog, dedicated to highlighting you & your book/story/novel

Not an author? No problem! We’ve got a special Bloody Bookish Swag Bag to give away too, complete with some of our new Bloody Bookish mini bookmarks and some secret trinkets that are sure to make your skin crawl!


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22 Comments Add yours

  1. Awesome giveaway!! Happy Creepfest Hopping!!


    1. bloodymary says:

      Thanks Jessica! Don’t forget to enter the Felix Renn Giveaway for a bonus entry!


  2. Bloody Bookish is bloody brilliant! And I wanna WIN!
    Creepity Hoppity Boogedy BOO!


    1. bloodymary says:

      Bloody well right! Wait…isn’t that a song? 😉


  3. Ash Krafton says:

    Woots! Cannonbaaaaaaaall!

    k, I’m in. 🙂


    1. bloodymary says:

      Happy to have you, Ash!


  4. Red Tash says:

    I definitely want to win. I really appreciated the super hero interview you did of me during the Coffin Hop.


    1. bloodymary says:

      Awesome! Don’t forget to enter our other giveaway to win the Felix Renn chapbooks (and you’ll get a bonus entry!)


  5. Ruth Barrett says:

    What a great idea! I’d love a Bloody Great Ad… I shall tweet about your Creepfest contest.

    BTW, I already follow on Twitter and Facebook- does that count?


    1. bloodymary says:

      Excellent Ruth! You’re entered into this giveaway, as well as the Felix Renn Contest! Good luck!


  6. Great site! I would love to have one of the advertisement packages!



  7. Now, that is a great prize!


  8. J H Sked says:

    I’m torn. As an author I’d sell my left arm for one of those ad spots – as a reader I’m making cooing noises over the book prizes! Either way, I’m in!


  9. Teresa Maynard says:

    I Love the stories from great authors! I’m not a writer, yet, bit would love to win the goodies for non-writers! I have to say I love the visual of J.H. Sked’s Christmas Village! She is an amazing writer with mad skills! I hope she wins the goodies for the writers! She is very deserving! She is an amazing writer, she’s humble and she’s “real”! Good luck J!

    Have a great time reading these amazing stories!



  10. Becca says:

    I want to win! I want to win! 😀


  11. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for participating in the hop and offering such a great prize! I’ll go tweet and do some more tomorrow, it’s been a hectic week and shoddy internet signals.
    Have a Happy Creepfest and a Merry Christmas!



  12. Hi! I’m a horror author from the Creepfest hop! I’ve liked on f/b and am following you on twitter!


  13. Thea Gregory says:

    This is an awesome contest idea!


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