The Winner of the Felix Renn Chapbook Giveaway

Our first giveaway at Bloody Bookish has been an exciting event indeed! And now the time has come to select our winner….


Wait for it…..

Congratulations Teresa Maynard!

You won the Felix Renn Chapbook Giveaway!

You will soon be the proud new owner of Temporary Monsters, The Ash Angels and Black Eyed Kids by author Ian Rogers!

I’ll be getting in touch shortly to get your contact info.


I want to thank everyone for entering the contest, sharing it on Facebook & Twitter, on blogs and through comments. But just because you didn’t win doesn’t mean you can’t snag yourself the chapbooks!

Burning Effigy actually has the entire Felix Renn collection for only $20! You can also opt to receive chapbooks signed by the author himself.

I simply cannot say enough about these books & Burning Effigy, who generously donated the prize.

The stories themselves incorporate wit, suspense and the supernatural with compelling characters and a storyline that draws you in immediately. As standalone tales, each chapbook works, but reading them as a whole gives you a layered tale that adds mystery and intrigue the further you delve.

So go on, treat yourself and pick up the Felix Renn Collection. You won’t be sorry!


I know, I’m sad to see the contest close, too. We do have another giveway going on right now for the 12 Days of Creepfest.

And tomorrow, Ian rounds out his December Bloodlight Feature Series with a guest post that gives insight into his very special brand of cross-genre paranormal P.I. fiction.

Congrats again, Teresa!


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