Get Birdwatching From Mars Free From Barry Napier

Birdwatching From MarsEveryone is deep into the holiday spirit, and author Barry Napier is showing his festive side by giving away free copies of Birdwatching From Mars!

If you remember back before you had tinsel stuck to every item of clothing you own, Barry was our featured Bloodlight author for November.

Now through Christmas, you can get a free Kindle copy of his graphic novel, Birdwatching from Mars, Issue 1!



It’s been six years since the asteroid struck Earth. It seemed to have come out of nowhere and by the time the scrambling defenses of the world even noticed it, there was nothing they could do. This seemed odd, seeing as how the asteroid was roughly the size of California.

In the panic of the world, each nation handled things their own way. In America, a lottery was held; 3,000 people were randomly selected to live in government operated military bunkers–one beneath Utah and one beneath Virginia. These people survived the impact and, while still alive, are left to live their lives confined to these underground hideaways.

Over their heads, a few scattered survivors roam the landscape. They are beaten, starving, half-mad. A great deal of those that survived the impact became infected with…something. They have become ravenous monsters that hunt the uninfected. And beyond this horror there is something else; a new creature walks the Earth, beasts that were not part of Earth prior to the impact. The survivors have no idea what to think of these creatures or of the infected humans, but the leaders in the underground compounds are beginning to piece things together.

And they have all started to look skyward, towards the heavens…particularly towards our red neighboring planet. Mars, it seems, shares a very similar history with Earth. It is also a planet full of mystery and horrors that astronomers never discovered.

It’s a shame that people behind the secret operation to transport the world’s elite population to a secret base on Mars were not privy to that information. Because as the survivors of Earth fight their own battles, there is a very bloody situation developing on Mars…one that will forever link the two planets in a gruesome inescapable history.

Issue 1 Synopsis: As the survivors roam the destroyed landscape and deal with their daily troubles, a very harrowing situation begins to unfold in the Utah Safenet Compound.



Don’t forget…you don’t need a Kindle to read eBooks. You can download the Kindle App for iPhone, PC, Mac, Android, Blackberry and Windows 7!

Sure, this is a great gift for all the readers out there, but why not make Barry’s Christmas a little brighter by checking out his graphic novel and leaving a review on Amazon?!



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