The Travelling Theatrical Tour: Twitter Rules

It’s time to get this bloody party started!

Today marks the first of our Bloodlight posts for January featuring the lovely Miss Cate Gardner.

Although we’ve never met, I feel like I know Cate. Always there with a supportive word and a self-deprecating wit that is perfectly endearing, this Liverpudlian is one of the most unique voices in dark fiction that I have read.

I know you will be as enchanted as I am by Cate, so make yourself a spot of tea, and settle in as we hear from January’s Bloodlight author!

Thank you to Mary for inviting me into the blood-spattered caverns of Bloody Bookish as part of my blog tour celebrating the release of my book Theatre of Curious Acts. As Mary is the Queen of Social Media, I thought a post about Twitter, my favourite social media site, would be apt.

There are many guides on how to best use ‘or’ how not to use Twitter. Sometimes I agree with what they say and sometimes I don’t. I suspect you’re the same. Nobody will ever please everyone. It’s impossible. I’m not right. They’re not right. You’re not right either.

Here are some things that are important to me when using twitter… They will possibly not be important to you at all.

Tweet what you want to tweet
Follow those who inspire, delight and, perhaps, frighten you.


In real life, I lack confidence but on the internet, I can be as loud as the loudest extrovert is. Well almost, sort of, at least people actually hear my squeaks. Heck, I even mistakenly called Joe Hill ‘dude’ once, but he didn’t notice. It’s unlikely such greats will hear your squeaks so squeak away and have fun doing it.

And yes, most of all have fun and as long as you’re respectful to other people, Twitter what inspires you.


What do I get out of Twitter?
I get to chat to folk from all over the world, people like our host, and without Twitter I may never have ‘met’ these people or had the honour to call some of them friends. They’re the reason, and the only reason, I stick with Twitter because for the most part it eats into your writing time. And I could quit anytime, I could. I really could.

If I need inspiration to get a story started, I gather a collection of words / individual tweets and spin a story from them. I’ve also, when I’m in fast draft mode, flicked through my Twitter list to find a character’s name.  My Twitter friends make excellent placemats until I have time to think of something more suitable.

When someone tweets that they’ve had a story published or links to an article I’d like to read (and if I’m particularly good and about to start writing), I minimize the distraction by adding the tweet to my favourites list to read later. You can also use your favourites list to retweet something hours after the original tweet appeared and thus gather further attention for the other person’s tweet.

Of course, we should end this how to and how not to and what I do guide with a typical snapshot of my Twitter usage…

My nephew wanted to use my laptop. I told him I just had to check my email and Twitter and then it was all his. I assured him I wouldn’t be more than five minutes. Half an hour later, he asked if I’d finished. My response, ‘Erm, nearly, honestly, well I will be if you’d please wheel the office chair away from the desk and disconnect me.’

He’d have told me I had a problem if he hadn’t started his internet session by logging into Facebook.

– – –

Cate’s  novellas Theatre of Curious Acts and Barbed Wire Hearts are available from all good online bookstores. More information can be found at

– – –

Don’t forget that you can win either a hardcover or paperback copy of Theatre of Curious Acts in our contest. Go now and enter!!!

And be sure to check back next week when we post a review of one of Cate’s works.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. “You’re not right either.”

    I have long suspected this. 😉


  2. Debs says:

    I’m jealous. Twitter sounds like lots of fun, the way you play with it Cate. I’m on it, but I just find it overwhelming.


  3. Cate Gardner says:

    Ha, Anthony 😀

    It can be overwhelming at times, Deborah.


  4. Katey says:

    God, twitter really is a sickness… but it does add a lot to my day, I gotta admit. And it’s better for news than, well, the news.


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