Spotlight on Nightface by Lydia Peever

Horror fiction lovers who are looking for the type of vampire that both thrills and chills, look no further than Lydia Peever’s Nightface.

About Nightface:

It is gory. It is vicious. It is not a love story. He could not remember a thing. Who he was or where he came from. After finding his landlady’s mutilated body, where he was going became more important. He has visions of the undead. An abandoned house of isolated opulence lures him. Then he meets Sinthia – the only person who really recognizes him – and her hundreds of scars.

Little did Gunnar know that running to Ottawa put him face to face with his future, let alone his vicious past. None of the puzzle pieces fall into place, until he turns his back on the day.


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About the Author

Lydia Peever has been writing both fiction and non-fiction for two decades. Living in the cities and countryside of Ontario, Canada, her writing style is as diverse as her interests. You can find her researching in a dusty library or bookstore, haunting a trendy cafe, or tending her garden of poisonous flowers.

She has published in the Ottawa Citizen, other smaller newspapers, various places online as well as the Algonquin Times and Glue magazine through Algonquin College. She posts at,, and Nightface is her first novel.


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  1. It’s brutal, tense and an incredibly fun read.


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