Bloody Bites – Spider & I

Welcome to Bloody Bites – a new feature on Bloody Bookish!

This new column will feature tantalizing tidbits from dark fiction that tickles my fancy. A line, a paragraph, a chapter – little morsels from some of my favorite authors that I know you will love too!

Did I whet your appetite? Ready for a sinister little snack?

We leaned on a window ledge in our abandoned factory home while the full moonlit the streets below like little silver-grey arteries. An occasional car would skitter down one line like a dark insect. I did most of the watching because Spider was pretty much blind. He couldn’t hear well either, but he had this way of feeling. Spider could feel almost anything about you except maybe the color of your eyes. Sometimes things were harder at night with a full moon. I could see him better with a full moon. I could see just enough to make me want to stay awake all night.

From: Spider & I by Aaron Polson

About the book: Jack wants nothing more than a normal life after his parents’ untimely deaths. He bounces from foster home to foster home, haunted at each stop by a monster he thinks of only as “the shadow man”. As Jack grows older, he learns “the shadow man” isn’t the only monster in his life…

What do you think of today’s Bloody Bite? Does it make you want to read more? What are you reading now? Is there a tasty little tidbit that you’d like to share? Post it in the comments!



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