Coffin Hopping with Brent Abell

There’s nothing better than welcoming the witching season by curling up on the couch with big bowl o’ hot buttered popcorn, some sugary goodies and watching your favorite horror flick on t.v.

But one can only watch Carrie get doused with pig’s blood so many times before becoming jaded.

We asked today’s spotlight author, Brent Abell what he would like see in a horror movie. Find out how he thinks he would fare when faced with the next Big Bad Horror Movie Killer.

BB: Using mythical creatures, popular movie villains, strange characters and any other weirdness your twisted mind can think of, conjure up what you think the next Big Bad horror villain should be.

This one is for my sons, the Zombicorn.  A zombie unicorn is their big obsession right now.  What can I say?  They are my kids…

BB: What would you do if you ran into said villain?

Prance around in a unicorn dance in an attempt to confuse it and then run…very fast.

BB: You need to stand out from the other victims in the movie. What catchphrase would you scream as you try to run away?

Oh my God, here comes the horn!  Sounds corny…(man behind me hits cymbal)

BB: The monster has you and your friends cornered. What do you do?

Sing to it and avoid looking in its dead eyes.  Legend says they can charm people with their eyes and force them to impale their heads on the horn.  Works for getting the brains out easier, an easy pour spout.

BB: What is your weapon of choice to fight the Big Bad?

I’d want a rocket launcher or something, but in reality I’d have to make due with a stick or a rock.  I’m sure it would find me in the woods and not in a well armed Army base.

BB: What is the eventual outcome? Is your number up? Or do you survive (and if so, how does the ordeal effect you)?

I win because someone always gets a lucky shot in on the Big Bad in the movies.  I live, but I can never watch another animated movie with a unicorn again.  Since I can’t do that, everyone leaves me and I die alone.  The zombicorn of course opens its onyx eyes and begins to hunt again one minutes before the credits roll.

Brent Abell lives in Southern Indiana with his wife, sons, and pug.  The pug rules the house and allows him to write where over the last two years has been featured in numerous anthologies and has just released his first novella.  He enjoys cigars, rum, death, and walks on the beach.  At the moment he is working on two novellas, a novel, and a few short stories.

His debut novella, “In Memoriam”, was just released in paperback and on the Kindle.

Visit Brent:

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tag line: Zombicorn, you’ll get the point!
    Great post.


    1. bloodymary says:

      Ha! Love it!

      Or “Zombicorn…point well taken!”


    1. bloodymary says:

      I know! Not going to lie, it sort of makes me think of Candy Corn though 🙂


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