Coffin Hopping with L.M. Murphy

There’s nothing better than welcoming the witching season by curling up on the couch with big bowl o’ hot buttered popcorn, some sugary goodies and watching your favorite horror flick on t.v.

But one can only watch Michael Myers survive being shot, electrocuted and blown up so many times before one gets jaded.

We asked today’s spotlight author, L.M. Murphy what she would like to see in a horror movie. Find out how she would use her cute quotient to survive the Big Bad!

BB: Using mythical creatures, popular movie villains, strange characters and any other weirdness your twisted mind can think of, conjure up what you think the next Big Bad horror villain should be. Coffin Hopping with L.M. Murphy

Well, the one in my novels is pretty freaky, I like to think. How would you feel about some twisted Fae royalty who think humans should be subservient to Fae? And not only that, but the Fae have some particularly nasty critters in their corner—one of these is dubbed a gravedigger by the main character of the third novel, because encountering one essentially sends you to your grave. A bite from one of them starts the process of softening your skin so they can digest you, and they like soft tissues. Expect them to go for the fleshy bits. 😉 There’s also the Cat Bàs—a creature whose name, in Gaelic, literally means “Death Cat,” though it’s also known as the Cat Taibhse or Ghost Cat. Scared yet?

BB: What would you do if you ran into said villain?

No matter which one it was, I likely wouldn’t be able to see them properly. Fae have glamour that makes them appear, in the cases of higher castes, like anything they want (usually a just-good-looking-enough-to-be-ridiculous human, if they’re pretending to blend in with us) and in the cases of lower castes, just like “normal”—you saw the air quotes, right?—animals. Cats, raccoons, or anything like that. For us regular folk to actually see the Fae usually happens by chance: a glimpse from the corner of the eye, after all, is easily dismissed as imagination or need for sleep. That’s the kind of stuff that scares me most: the creatures that can slip on another skin and walk about in our world unknown to the rest of us. If I encountered the bad guys in their own, actual forms, well… I’d be freaking right out. The King of the Unseelie Court or his pets do not come after you without a reason, and that reason is never good.

BB: You need to stand out from the other victims in the movie. What catchphrase would you scream as you try to run away?

I don’t know if you watch Lost Girl, but one character, Kenzi, likes to say, “I’m too cute to die!” That’s probably what I’d be saying, although it wouldn’t help me any. If the Fae agreed, I’d be stuck living with them as their plaything/servant until they got sick of me, and that could take centuries. No thank you.

BB: The monster has you and your friends cornered. What do you do? Well, if it comes down to that… go down fighting, I suppose. BB: What is your weapon of choice to fight the Big Bad?

I have fibromyalgia, and no upper arm strength whatsoever. Any weapon that doesn’t require much strength or skill to operate will be my friend. My characters may be badasses; the writer, however, when pressed into service… not so much.

BB: What is the eventual outcome? Is your number up? Or do you survive (and if so, how does the ordeal effect you)?

I read a blog post by another chronic pain patient recently that said we should face it: in the event of a zombie apocalypse, we’re going to die first. We can’t get our meds, the doctors are out of commission… Yeah, I admit it. In this situation, I’d probably be the one who’s just too frickin’ weak and disabled to live. *annoyed sigh* I’d say maybe my characters will avenge me, but let’s be real, I’ve put them through too much crap.

L.M. Murphy is the pen name of someone who isn’t sharing her real name, because that would ruin the point and she needs some mystery about her. The person behind the pen name is a twenty-something with a generally mischievous look about her who finally started to write actual novels through discovering NaNoWriMo in 2009. Besides being a writer, she is also the owner of an incredibly cute and remarkably dumb hound dog, sister to five younger siblings who may or may not be part of the reason she’s crazy, and partner to a guy who amazingly hasn’t run screaming for the hills yet. To find out more about L.M. Murphy, visit her:

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  1. Nice post, those Fae seem like scary beings indeed.


  2. Great interview! I had always thought the Fae could be just as evil as they were good…


  3. A.F. Stewart – I’m glad you think so. I banked on some of the stuff they do to get into the hop. 😉

    Julianne – The way I write them, even the ones who are supposed to be good are more… ambiguous, shall we say?


    1. And of course, I’m terribly remiss not to be thanking Mary for giving me the chance to take part! I had a blast with the questions, even though admitting I probably wouldn’t survive my own books was a bit of a buzzkill… 😉


      1. bloodymary says:

        Thanks again for taking part!


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