Dispatches from The Horror Tree – January 7 to 11

Are you an author looking for the latest horror anthologies and publishers to send your scariest stories to? Check out The Horror Tree.

Bloody Bookish loves this site, run by Stuart Conover and which lists the latest calls for horror submissions, so we are going to be doing periodic round-ups of the latest calls added to the site.

Here are a few from this past week:   Source Point Press Zombie Anthology
Source Point is a small independent press that publishes novels, anthologies, chapbooks, comics and Graphic Novels.

  • Deadline: June 1st 2013
  • Payment: Contributor’s Copy
  • Lengths: Short stories, flash fiction, poems, black & white artwork
  • Info: cannot contain the “z” word!


Hello Horror
Hello Horror is a recently created online literary magazine and blog. We are currently in search of literary pieces, photography and visual art including film from writers and artists that have a special knack for inducing goosebumps and raised hairs.

  • Deadline: ongoing
  • Payment: Exposure Only
  • Lengths: Short stories, micro/flash fiction, poetry, photography/visual arts, film
  • Info: This genre has become, especially in film, noticeably saturated in gore and high shock- value aspects as a crutch to avoid the true challenge of bringing about real, psychological fear to an audience that’s persistently more and more numb to its tactics


Monster Corral
Monsters should be interesting. The best monsters are complex and conflicted. They are most interesting if they are as appealing as they are dangerous or disgusting.

  • Deadline: ongoing
  • Payment: 1 cent/word for fiction; 0.5 cent/word for non-fiction; $1-$5 for original graphics
  • Word Count: Fiction – 1,000 words or less; Non-fiction – 500 words or less
  • Info: science fiction, horror/gothic, classic or contemporary/urban fantasy, and hard-boiled “noir” mystery


Attack! Of the B-Movie Monsters!
A Tribute to the Films of the 50s. The stories don’t necessarily have to be set in the 50s, but they must follow the general tone/theme. ATTACK! OF THE B-MOVIE MONSTERS will be a “digital first” publication, with a trade paperback to follow.

  • Deadline: March 31st 2013
  • Payment: 1/4 cent/word (subject to change). Digital copy + print copy. Discount for additional copies.
  • Word Count: 3,000-10,000 words (query for longer/shorter submissions)


  StrangeHouse Books: Strange vs Lovecraft Anthology
StrangeHouse Books is interested in Hardcore Horror, Bizarro, and Lovecraftian fiction novels, novellas, and short story collections to publish.

  • Deadline: March 1st 2013
  • Payment: $20 and a contributor’s copy
  • Word Count: 5,000-8,000 word stories
  • Info: set inside the Cthulhu mythos. That means all stories must contain characters, settings, monsters, or plot devices from the bountiful worlds created by H.P. Lovecraft


So, do any of these pique your interest? Which would you submit to? Do you have any ideas that you think would be a good fit? Feel free to click the deadline dates beside each call to add them to your calendar, or check out our Calendar to see all the deadlines we’ve added.

And check back next week when we do another round-up!



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