Intriguing samples from gritty cyberpunk author Colin F. Barnes

So, maybe Sci-Fi isn’t your thing. Or you’ve read so much of it that your eyes glaze over at the thought of another tech-laden tale. How can you know whether a book is going to be good or bad? Well, Bloody Mary’s got you covered.

colinfbarnesI did an interview with Colin F. Barnes a while back and was intrigued by his cyberpunk trilogy. Colin even offered readers a sample chapter of Artificial Evil (book 1 of The Techxorcist series) – but did you know you can also read a sample of The Daedalus Code, a short novella also set in the same universe?

I took a peek at both and immediately saw what all the hype was about. I’ll be honest with you, Horror has always been my genre-of-choice, both in what I write and what I read. But over the past few years, I’ve been trying to broaden my horizons by reading other genres, and Colin’s teasers did not disappoint.

The Daedalus Code introduces the tech straight out of the gate, but it wasn’t so overtly technical that a virtual newbie to the genre would get lost or lose interest. In fact, the mention of Synthskin, 3D-printed lasguns and the back-and-forth between partners Phaedra and Aegeus in the opening pages drew me in immediately.

Similarly with Artificial Evil, the action is evident right from the get-go, which is a must in any good story, sci-fi or otherwise. After reading the sample chapters, I don’t just want to know what happens next, I need to know.

If you are looking for a new read that blends elements of Sci-Fi, Thriller, and Horror from a writer who is carving his own unique path, check out the free sample chapters of The Daedalus Code and Artificial Evil.

Prepare to be hooked.


cfb_artificialevilArtificial Evil (Book 1 of The Techxorcist series) is a futuristic, high-stakes thrill ride.

In a post-cataclysmic future, humanity survives within a single domed city run by a shadowy benefactor known only as The Family.

Each week the death lottery claims more lives and Gerry Cardle, head of the lottery, inexplicably finds himself the next on the list.

Something’s wrong with the system. A deadly artificial intelligence has breached security. Gerry has just 7 days to live.

Forced off the grid, Gerry has to do the unthinkable: willingly leave the city. What he finds in the abandoned lands will shatter his perception of what it means to be human. Everything he had been told before was a lie.

In a deadly world of conspiracy, violence, and artificial intelligences, Gerry has to sacrifice everything he loves in order to save it, and time is running out.

Anachron Press
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cfb_daedaluscodeThe Daedalus Code
A Colin F. Barnes Techno thriller novella.

When agents Phaedra and Aegeus of New Crete’s Intelligent Data Enforcement Agency are tasked to find five missing Artificial Intelligence students, their single lead takes them to a notorious hacker known as ‘The Cretian.’

With his help, they uncover a terrible truth: Ariadne, one of the students, is involved with a rogue AI program called The Daedalus Project. The AI is out of control, people are going missing, and a great swathe of the world’s data is being secured within its digital labyrinth.

Putting all their trust in the hacker, not only are the agent’s careers and the student’s lives in jeopardy, but also the very freedom of the public hangs in the balance. Their only hope lies in The Cretian, a rogue hacker who’s only out for himself.

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