Derek Neville’s latest book launching at Inkshares

Seeking Salvation? Well, you better head over to Inkshares to grab your copy of author Derek Neville’s latest novel.

If you haven’t heard of Inkshares, here’s how it works: It’s similar to Kickstarter but specifically for novels. Authors upload chapters & a synopsis, set a publishing goal and the reading public can purchase pre-orders.

Once the book reaches it’s supporter goal, the book is published. Authors can also post extra chapters, cover art, sneak peeks and other goodies to entice readers to pre-order their book.

But this isn’t a one-way street. Readers can comment on uploaded chapters and start a dialogue with the authors as to what’s working, what they love about the work and how they’d like to see it unfold.

Once the pre-order goal is reached, the book goes into production, and Inkshares edits, produces, distributes, and markets the book for its authors.

I love this idea! Other crowdfunding sites are so over-saturated that one’s book project can easily get lost in the shuffle. And trust me…Derek’s work should not fall by the wayside!

I had the opportunity to read his first novel, Ghost Box, and it was a chilling, frightening read. It takes a lot to scare this horror lover but there were times when my heart raced, I was so into the story.

I also had the chance to ask Derek a few questions about this venture. Here’s what he had to say:

1. Tell the readers of Bloody Bookish about yourself & your writing.

Well, I am a tall drink of water who … whoops. Sorry. Wrong website. Anyway … My name is Derek Neville. I am the author of Ghost Box, which is my debut novella, and it’s up on Amazon as we speak. I’ve been writing since I was a kid. When I was twelve I wrote a story about two best friends trapped inside an abandoned school during a New England blizzard. That story is still an international bestseller in my mind. I mainly write in the horror/thriller genre, but if a good story strikes me I don’t try to limit it to one genre in particular. I presently have a science fiction story kicking around my head.


2. What can readers expect from Salvation?

Salvation is my crack at a revenge story. I’ve been pitching it as the love child of Cormac McCarthy and Richard Matheson. Two of my all time favorite writers. I became fascinated with this idea of this family that’s ruled the roost of the small town they sort of took over by force. One of the kids who witnessed his own family killed by them is back years later looking to set things right. It was a blast figuring out what that power play would turn into. Spoiler: It gets bloody.


3. Why did you decide to go with Inkshares to potentially publish your book?

Anyone who has self-published knows that it’s expensive. There’s the cost of the editor, the cover art, formatting, etc etc. I love all those things and being very hands on with the development of my own projects. Inkshares offered the opportunity to explore another way of getting my work out there as well as possibly introducing it to a new audience.


4. Any other book or writing news you want to share?

I definitely recommend readers check out Ghost Box to see if I’m a writer that you’d enjoy reading. I’ll also be releasing a short story very soon as well on my blog and on Kindle Singles on Amazon. Stay tuned for that!


5. How can people stay updated on Salvation news or find you online?

People can stay up to date best by going to the Inkshares page for the book and clicking ‘Follow’ at the top of the page. I’ll be updating the home page with new chapters and interacting with anyone that cares to say hello or offer feedback. I definitely recommend reaching out. You can find my goofing off on twitter @derekinreallife or you can check out my webpage If you swing through, make sure to sign up for my newsletter so you can stay up to date with all the recent happenings on my other projects.




Salvation is a down and dirty revenge story that takes place in the fictional town of Salvation, Maine. When Shaun Ryder was a boy a local family of carnies broke into his home, killed his parents, and took his younger brother Damon while Shaun went for help. Years later, Shaun, fresh from a stint with the military, returns back to Maine town that still haunts him to find that some wounds never truly heal and sometimes all roads lead home.


Be sure to head over to Inkshares to read the Prologue and pre-order a copy of Salvation.

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    Like Mary says in her blog, I love love this idea of Inkshares. A kind of kick-starter for authors. I may have to give this a go myself


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