2-for-1 deal from Speculative Fiction author A.G. Carpenter

SpecFic author A.G. Carpenter has started releasing some of her stories on Gumroad and right now, you can get 2 tales for the price of 1!

When you purchase a copy of Legacy for Kindle, you’ll get a copy of Dust for free! That’s a dark Steampunk fantasy short story AND an Urban Fantasy novelette for the low price of $0.99!


legacycoverABOUT LEGACY

When a skin-changer looking for passage to Lake Ponchartrain collapses at her feet, Willa Arch finds herself drawn into a conflict between the iron-willed Queen Elsbett of Brittania and Queen of the Dead, Marie Laveau. But survival means coming face to face with Willa’s own deadly legacy of fur and teeth.



Half-Fae cop, Jonas Flannery has lost enough partners in his years on the job – to drugs, to corruption, to the monsters that prowl the streets. When his current partner, Lola Rodriguez, is whammied by a dying pixie queen, he finds himself in a race against time to find the drug producing Dust farm, free the other Corlun, and save Lola before the magic breaks her mind.

Don’t miss out – A.G. Carpenter is a fantastic author – you won’t be disappointed!


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