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I was trolling Inkshares earlier to see if any other projects catch my eye (I already pre-ordered Salvation by my online writing buddy Derek Neville) and stumbled across another book that looks promising.





Film student Drew Brady loves horror movies. They’re his only escape from the real world, where he is a depressed, overweight virgin who is obsessed with his best friend, Bea. When Drew and Bea find a box of old Polaroids buried in the basement, pictures that supernaturally update to allow Drew to spy on his friends, the lines between delusion and reality begin to blur, and Drew finds himself falling headfirst into a terrifying world where his only way out is to destroy the lives of those he loves.



I had a chance to ask author Adam Vine a few questions about LURK. Read his comments below – then head over to INKSHARES to pre-order your copy!



1. Tell the readers of Bloody Bookish about yourself & your writing.

I’m twenty-nine and was born and raised in Petaluma, California, in cow and chicken country about forty minutes north of the Golden Gate. A few years ago I quit my life in the states and moved to Europe to make video games and travel. Since then, I’ve written stories for every kind of game from dark fantasy point-and-click adventure to pirate RPG. I’ve lived in four countries and visited almost thirty. I’m currently living in my favorite city on Earth, which is Krakow, Poland, with my girlfriend Hannah, who is also a writer and way more talented than me). In my free time I write stories, or practice playing my mandolin.
I’ve been writing stories since I was a little kid. I used to draw comic books about my dog Lily and give them to my one subscriber, my best friend and neighbor, Joe. LURK is the first novel I’ve actually finished, after about a hundred false starts throughout high school and college. I guess you could classify my writing as “crockpot horror” – a little bit of everything gets thrown in from sci fi, to dark fantasy, to cute animal things; it’s slow to cook and takes a while to burn you, but when it finally does, boy is that payoff funky fresh.
2. What can readers expect from LURK?
It’s my take on the descent into madness tale. I’d pitch it as Stephen King meets Eli Roth. The story begins with a group of college students finding a box of old Polaroid pictures buried under their house, which may depict evidence of a murder that happened twenty years ago. Naturally, some weird stuff happens and the students begin to suspect someone is stalking them. All the typical setup for a horror story, right? The main character, Drew, thinks so, too. Drew is a horror movie fanatic, so of course he thinks he knows what is going on and can keep a handle on it.
But things start spiraling out of control when the pictures start supernaturally updating to show Drew things he shouldn’t see. The pictures let him spy on his friends when he’s not around, or during their most intimate moments, which forces him to confront some very ugly things about himself and his past. It’s a heavy story that deals with some nasty stuff, like depression, alcoholism, jealousy, and obsession, told by a possibly unreliable narrator. Beyond the expected buckets of blood and dead bodies, there will be some other things in this book you won’t be able to un-read.
3. Why did you decide to go with Inkshares to potentially publish your book?
I saw the success of Gary Whitta’s horror fantasy novel, “Abomination” and saw it could be a potential way to find some readers and spread the word about my book. I’d already finished my second draft, paid for my cover art and copy editing by the time I found out about Inkshares, but so far the crowdfunding campaign has earned me a lot of support from friends, family, and strangers who I otherwise would have never even considered being interested in Lurk.
But, let’s be real real here, getting a book crowdfunded as an unknown author is a long shot, and Lurk still has hundreds of pre-orders to get funded. And, honestly, so what? You write to share something you love, a story you just can’t get out of your brain, with other people, not to strike it rich. The community and staff at Inkshares are awesome and their support has showed me this was the right choice. Even if I miss my crowdfunding goal, if the effort puts my story into the hands of a single reader who wouldn’t have known about it otherwise, I consider it a success.
4. Any other book or writing news you want to share?
A good way to find out if you will dig my writing style is to read something by me. The first 100 pages of Lurk are on my Inkshares page to read for free. You can also hop over to my website and read my short story about a coroner working on the Golden Gate Bridge, “Twenty-Four and a Bottle of Rye”, originally published in Sanitarium Magazine. I’m going to release more short stories leading up to the release of Lurk in the very near future, so hook up with me on social media or follow my website to stay tuned.

5. How can people stay updated on LURK news or find you online?

At my website, www.theadamvine.com, as well as on Twitter and Facebook. I love getting feedback about my work from anyone who has taken the time to read it. Don’t be shy. I’m a friendly wooly mammoth. And, if you like what you read, remember to pre-order my book!


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