The Bloody Scoop: The Terminal War by A.C. Hadfield

A little bird told me the latest release from author A.C. Hadfield is on sale for only $0.99 until midnight, Saturday the 12th!

Released yesterday, The Terminal War: A Space Opera Novel (A Carson Mach Adventure) is part of a series but all titles can be read as stand-alone novels.




A millennium into the future.
In a galaxy far from Earth.
We were not prepared for the Terminal War.

Billions of lives are at risk as enemy forces mass on the frontier of the Commonwealth. If the planet Terminus, the center of all the Commonwealth’s technology, falls, we will lose everything, and there will be no way back.

The Axis Combine’s fleet is overwhelming in number, and their firepower is superior.

Unless one man and his crew can save Terminus, the galaxy will never be the same again. They must find a way to give the Commonwealth an edge or we’ll face complete annihilation.

There is but one hope: Carson Mach and his motley crew of rogues on the starship Intrepid.



A.C. Hadfield always wanted to be an astronaut as he grew up reading science fiction novels and dreaming of the stars. He ended up as an engineer but developed a passion for the world of writing. He hopes you get the same enjoyment out of the books as he does writing them.

He lives in various locations, depending on the seasons, around the U.S and enjoys traveling, stargazing, and dreaming up galactic empires in which to tell his tales.

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Head over to Amazon to grab your copy while this special pricing lasts.

And thanks to Colin F. Barnes for The Bloody Scoop!

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