Strange California: Discover The Golden State in New Anthology

Don’t let the sunshine, endless beaches and calming ocean fool you. Strange things happen in California and co-editors Jaym Gates and J. Daniel Batt are betting on it.

STRANGE CALIFORNIA is a speculative fiction anthology. From Hollywood to Santa Cruz to Tahoe, Strange California brings to life tales inspired by the complex mythologies of California.


“This anthology developed out of our love for the complexity and diversity of the state–features reflected in both the landscape and the people that inhabit them,” said Jaym Gates and J. Daniel Batt, the editors of Strange California. “California sprawls across a multitude of landscapes and has amassed a history full of the strange and unusual. There are secrets in the desert. Secrets in the cities. Strange and unusual happenings in the odd, dark places of the coastal state.”

Strange California is 26 tales of strangeness, lavishly illustrated, that will pull you into another world, a world where migrant girls stand up to witches who live in orange groves, where trickster magpies try to steal souls from Russian sisters in the early days of Fort Bragg, where water is both currency and predator, and Gold Rush-era ghosts wander the streets of San Francisco alongside panther ladies.




The perks for this amazing anthology include ebooks and paperbacks, digital art prints, tea, story critiques, a Sketchbook with research, notes, and musings, in the form of photos, sketches, and prose; as well as some custom, hand-bound tales.

There are some pretty sweet Stretch Goals too, so be sure to head over to Kickstarter, look for STRANGE CALIFORNIA and grab something amazing!



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