Spotlight on Sephera Giron

It has been fantastic getting to know the authors behind the stories in Group Hex Vol. 1, and the fun continues today!

Author & editor extraordinaire Sephera Giron has stopped by the blog today to share insight into her story, “Trick of the Light”. She also shares updates on her upcoming works, as well as the latest endeavors from the HWA Ontario chapter.



Can you start off by telling everyone about your background – when you first started writing and what you write.

I was born in New Orleans and began writing my own stories as soon as I could hold a pencil. I wrote my first book in Grade Three called The Adventures of Ponci the Afgan Hound. Never published, of course! I wrote a lot of poems and stories. As a teen I wrote what we would now call Star Wars Fan Fic but for me, I was just adding on to the story that I loved.


I loved science fiction and then horror was invented and I jumped ship to that and after reading The Shining as a teen, decided that I wanted to be a horror writer when I grew up. And I am.



Tell readers about your story in Group Hex Vol. 1.

The story, “Trick of the Light” was originally written for an anthology that wanted Hotel Noir stories. The story was accepted but then the project was cancelled. My story title was, of course, stolen from a great Who song and has little to do with the story,  except maybe “Was I all right?” “Did I take you to the heights of ecstasy?” “Was it just another trick of the light?”


What inspired you to write the story?

Being asked to write a story about a hotel!


The story explores the theme of gaslighting which is something that most people experience at some point. People are assholes, and this story is about assholes.


Do you try to bring a particularly Canadian perspective to your work?

I tend to operate from writing what I know, so most of my stories take place around Toronto. However, it’s not a mandate. I’ve spent over twenty summers in Maine! lol. My Witch Upon a Star series takes place in the fictional town of Hermana which is on the east coast, like Salem. I created Hermana since I’m not familiar with Salem enough to base a book series there.




I wrote about New Orleans when I went there. I’ve written about the Lizzie Borden House several times, again, New England. I just write stories about stuff that I find interesting.


My novella, A Penny Saved, is based in Toronto with the premise that we have no pennies in Canada, which is true. Captured Souls has a character who relies on the Canadian government grant system to create the secret laboratory and this is a tongue in cheek nod to those who “get it.”  My space opera takes place in…Outer Space and so I have spent the last year creating new planets, ships, weapons, clothes, races, and such as I bring my project to life. I hope it doesn’t “feel Canadian” when we’re in another galaxy.


I almost always have a woman lead character, mostly because I’m a woman and again, this germinates from the “write what you know” idea and branches out from there.


Any words or info on the current state of the HWA Ontario Chapter and what you hope to achieve with it in the future

I’m very excited about the current state of the Horror Writers Association Ontario Chapter. It has gone through many mutations over the past couple of decades and has served many purposes. It used to be more of a social club for networking and since there was no internet, no social media, it was the only way to touch base with other horror writers and share information about markets, editors, agents, and such.


Currently, we have over fifty members in our chapter spread out across the province and leaking into New York State. Over the past year, a new member joined, Andrew Robertson, and he has revitalized and transformed our chapter objectives, bring forward new technologies and opportunities in this amazing information age.


He has compiled an anthology comprised of Horror Writers Association Ontario Chapter members although this is a Great Lakes Horror Company product. He created the GLHC originally as a podcast, which we’ve been doing weekly and sometimes bi-weekly for nearly a year. It continues to rank high on iTunes and features prominent and emerging horror voices of the current era. Most episodes contain a roundtable about specific topics and an interview with an author or editor. There are also some holiday podcasts with authors reading stories.


Brad Middleton has been been our webdesigner, logo maker, and keeper of webmail and other social media and administrative stuff for many years.


We hope more members join us, participate at conventions, contribute to the anthologies and podcasts, invent even more outreach programs, and just generally network and have fun. I’ve seen many friendships formed over the years and of course, lots of business connections between members. A writers group can be an empowering experience if you take advantage of the opportunities and strengths each organization or chapter offers. Each person creates his or her own experience, and often gets out what he or she puts in, as with anything.


What stories or books are you working on next?

I’m finishing up a story about a lonely woman who orders a life sized robot sex doll based on one of her favourite movie characters. It’s erotic horror so it’s unlikely to have a happy ending.


Do you have any parting words to share?

As I mentioned, when I was a teen, I wrote some Star Wars fan fic. Now, forty years later, I’m actually working on an original Space Opera series called SORAN that I will have published within the year. I will likely have a pen name as this is yet another genre I’m exploring. I don’t expect my erotic horror readers to follow me into outer space! But I expect those who know how much I love to play in galaxies far far away to follow me over so my name won’t be a huge secret, once I settle on one.


I’m still working on my Witch Upon a Star series which is published through Riverdale Avenue Books. You can pick up the first few books right now!


My novella, The Next Big Thing, about a street kid turned mentalist will be out in Intersections: A Ouija Board Anthology from Howling Unicorn Press on January 13, 2017 and contains novellas by Megan Hart, Brad C. Hodson, Rob. E. Boley, Chris Marrs, and Kerry Lipp.



Get in touch with Sephera!


Want to know more about Sephera? Get in touch with her at the following online haunts:









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