Pre-Order Scanlines by Todd Keisling

I’ve read a lot of work by Todd Keisling, so seeing so much praise for his work is not surprising. He has been steadily making a name for himself with his personal brand of dark weird horror, and his latest upcoming release is sure to be one you’ll be talking about long after you finish reading.

The kicker? This chapbook is limited to 150 copies, so you better get in on the final days of the pre-order if you want to snag a copy.


In 1987, Congressman Benjamin Hardy III died by suicide on live television amidst accusations of political corruption. Years later, rumors of a recording surfaced among VHS trading groups and urban legend chat rooms. Dubbed the “Duncan Tape,” after the deceased cameraman who attempted to sell the video, the rumors allege that anyone who watches the tape is driven to suicide.

Or so the story goes. In truth, no one has ever seen the supposed Duncan Tape, presumably because it doesn’t exist. It’s a ghost story perpetuated on the forums and chat rooms of the internet, another handful of bytes scattered across the Information Superhighway at blistering 56K modem speeds.

For Robby and his friends, an urban legend is the last thing on their minds when a boring Friday night presents a chance to download porn. But the short clip they watch turns out to be something far more graphic and disturbing, and in the coming days, they’ll learn even the most outlandish urban legends possess a shred of truth…

*Note, this story deals extensively with suicide.*

This Saturday, Feb. 28, is the final day to grab a copy!

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