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  • Blood Lust: Thou shalt covet! Sometimes, it’s okay to get what you want. Embrace your covetous nature for all things darkly delicious. Check out our freakish finds!
  • Blood Re(ad): Peeling back the covers of dark fiction books everywhere and dissecting what’s beneath.
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  • Bloodlight: Bloodlight is our monthly literary juggernaut where the spotlight is pointed directly on the those writers with the deepest, most deviant of minds when it comes to penning dark fiction
  • Bloodletting: You are about to enter another dimension; a dimension as black as hell and as dark as night. Witness a virtual bloodletting of some of the darkest talents in fiction.


me_skinnypuppyYour Hostess

Toronto-native Mary Rajotte is a self-professed bibliophile and wordsmith who pens dark, atmospheric fiction & creepy tales that explore myth, dream and nightmare.

Mary’s eerie tales inspire in readers the urge to double-check the deepest, darkest closets, to peer anxiously under the creakiest of beds, and to always sleep with the lights on.

Visit her online: