Coffin Hopping with Johanna K. Pitcairn

Coffin Hop with Johanna K. Pitcairn…And find out how she would use her trusty AK47 to survive an attack by a crazy mish-mashed Horror Movie Creature!

Coffin Hopping with Jolie Du Pre

Today’s spotlight author, Jolie Du Pre, tells us how she would try to avoid the gaze of the fanged, clawed Zxxtergin to survive.

Coffin Hopping with Axel Howerton

Coffin Hop with Axel Howerton…and find out how being the last virile male in the area would aid him in vanquishing the next Big Bad horror movie villain.

Coffin Hopping with John Everson

Coffin Hop with John Everson…and find out how he thinks a bulletproof Teflon chastity belt would protect him in the fight against the next Big Bad horror movie evil creature!

Coffin Hopping with Julianne Snow

Coffin Hop with Julianne Snow…and find out how she would use hairspray & a lighter to vanquish some truly evil little creatures!

Coffin Hopping with Brewin

Coffin Hop with Andrew Drage…And find out how he would employ a double-barrelled pump-action shotgun to vanquish The Dark Horde!

Coffin Hopping with Brent Abell

Coffin Hop with Brent Abell…And find out how he would use his mad singing skills to escape the clutches of the evil Zombicorn!